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Pawling Engineered Products

Engineered Elastomeric Technologies for Sealing, Clamping, Actuating

Aerospace, Defense, & Transportation

Custom Seals for Aerospace, Defense, and Transportation

At Pawling EP, we are focused on custom, highly technical and/or large compression and inflatable sealing or clamping applications in this market. Applications include:

  • Specialized inflatable clamping bladders used to manufacture commercial and military aircraft.
  • Unique, low friction, fabric reinforced silicone compression seals used to seal the canopy of Air Force training aircraft.
  • Large compression and inflatable seals used along the edge of hanger doors, including the doors used on the Vertical Assembly Building in Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Inflatable railcar door seals used to reduce overall noise and ensure a watertight seal

Detailed Market Applications

Inflatable Bladders for Airframe Component Bonding
Inflatable Clamps for Fuselage ManufactureProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Clamps
Description: Inflatable bladders contained in steel or aluminum channels are used to apply uniform clamping pressure along bond lines when bonding exterior metal or carbon filament skins to substrates or internal stiffeners. Typical applications are found in the manufacture of aircraft stabilizers and wing sections, rotary wing aircraft spars, and other airframe and missile sections. The simplicity of the air source and inflatable clamp system results in considerable time saving efficiencies and the uniformity of the pressure affords more reliable and consistent bond lines when compared with traditional mechanical clamping systems. (click image to view animation).
Railcar Door Inflatable Seal
Inflatable Railcar SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: Fabric reinforced Type 1 inflatable seals have been used in connection with sliding doors for modern railroad passenger cars. Use of inflatable seals allows for the design for larger access doors (for rapid boarding and discharge of passengers) and reduces noise and drafts. (click image to view animation).
Automobile Test Shed Inflatable Door Seal
Inflatable Automobile Test Shed SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: Airtight enclosures help automotive engineers evaluate carburetor and fuel tank vent evaporative emissions. Warmed up test vehicles are pushed into hot soak enclosures. Escaping fuel vapors are measured by instruments outside the test cells. The doors to the cells slide vertically and are sealed gas tight by axially expanding Type 1 EPDM or neoprene inflatable seals. (click image to view animation).
Vertical Assembly Building Double Bulb Compression Seal
Custom Double Bulb Compression Seals for Large DoorsProduct: Custom Rubber Products
Use: Compression Seal
Description: A large EPDM double bulb extrusion is used to seal the edges of the Vertical Assembly  Building (VAB) Doors at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  This design allows for horizontal movement between the bulbs while the door is operational and provides dual sealing surfaces to keep the weather out.  This part is extruded using our largest extruder and spliced in the field by our technical staff.
Jet Engine Test Door Inflatable Seal
Jet Engine Test Door Inflatable SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: To more effectively suppress noise, jet engine test cell doors can be equipped with inflatable seals which can be either mounted on the door for radial expansion outward against the opening to the cell, or mounted on the face of the cell for axial expansion against the back of the closed door. Not only do these seals dampen the noise, but they also control the pressure differential between the inside of the cell and the outside ambient conditions (click image to view animation).
Wing Flap Compression Seal
Custom Multi-Laminate Wing Flap SealsProduct: Custom Rubber Products
Use:Compression Seal
Description: This part requires three unique materials which are specially compression molded into one complete gasket.  The fabric outer layer is used to reduces the part's co-efficient of friction and to increase useful life.  Silicone is used to handle temperature extremes and the rigid polyester base is used to prevent seal pullout from its housing.  This seal is manufactured utilizing specials molds and long presses to conform to the tight tolerances required for this application.
Firetruck Cab Inflatable Seal
Firetruck Cab Inflatable SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: Type 1 style inflatable seals can be configured in an axial U-shape and mounted across the head and down the jambs of the service compartment opening of fire apparatus tilt cabs to form a weathertight seal between the service compartment and the cab during normal operation (click image to view animation).
Truck Tailgate Inflatable Seal
Truck Tailgate Inflatable SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
​Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: Inflatable seals can be effectively used on the cab doors, tailgate, and cargo box side gates on military trucks and other vehicles to keep them watertight (click image to view animation).