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Pawling Engineered Products

Engineered Elastomeric Technologies for Sealing, Clamping, Actuating

Energy (Nuclear Power)

Seals for Nuclear Power

Seals in Nuclear power plants require high levels of design competence and quality control. A willingness by the supplier to respond quickly to immediate needs is also a plus. At Pawling EP, we are equipped to handle these needs. Our seals for the energy market (primarily nuclear power) typically consist of:

  • Molded construction (rather than extruded) for close cross section tolerances.
  • A fully molded configuration for our inflatable seals (i.e., there are no after cure spliced joints that could be possible weak points).
  • Fabric reinforcement for maximum structural integrity.
  • Use of certified materials that have met the necessary radiation resistance testing. Contact Pawling EP for more information.
  • Adherence to a sound quality assurance program for our nuclear seals. All steps in engineering, manufacture, inspection and test are closely controlled by our nuclear quality assurance program based on ANSI N45.2 and 10CFR50 Appendix B.

Detailed Market Applications

Inflatable Pool Gate Seals for Nuclear Power Plants
Inflatable Nuclear Pool Gate SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: To ensure high sealing reliability, nuclear pool gates are generally supplied with redundant Type 1 style fully molded inflatable seals. Fabric reinforcing is also incorporated for additional structural integrity and better resistance to rupture and tear. When required, flexible "J" seals can be supplied in lieu of inflatable seals. The gates are either hinged or liftout design (click image to view animation).
Airlock Inflatable Seals
Inflatable Nuclear Airlock SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal and Molded Compression Seals
Use: Inflatable and Compression Seals
Description: Pawling EP manufactures inflatable seals, "O" ring gaskets and custom compression seals for personnel airlock doors and equipment hatches at nuclear plants throughout the world. Like the inflatable pool gate seals, seal redundancy is built into the door design (click image to view animation).
Fabric Reinforced Valve Seat
Custom Fabric Reinforced Rubber Valve SeatProduct: Custom Rubber Products
Use: Compression Seat/Expansion Joint
Description: Using our unique long press capabilities, Pawling EP manufactures an 8" (203 mm) wide, fully molded fabric reinforced Natural Rubber expansion joint in long continuous lengths used for large pipe assemblies in power plants.  Diameters approaching 8-10 feet (2438 - 3048 mm) are not uncommon.  Depending on the requirements, this part can either be molded and spliced endless or can be step-cured into a complete gasket.
PWR Steam Generator Nozzle Plug Seal Assemblies
Pawling EP has considerable experience in various design concepts for these nuclear power plugs. Typical arrangements include inflatable seals, independently valved for redundancy, with a non-inflatable backup seal (lip seal or compression gasket). Since the aluminum plug has joints where sections are fastened together, an elastomeric diaphragm, vulcanized around its outer periphery to the inflatable seals, covers the plug and seals the joints on the "wet" side.We will assist you in the design of complete plug assemblies for new installations. For existing plugs, replacement seals and gaskets may be purchased through your original nozzle plug supplier.

Other Elastomeric Seals and Fabrications

Whatever your need for nuclear quality rubber seals and fabrications, contact us. Undoubtedly we can provide the answer with one of our many custom designs. Other products for which you may have need are:

  • Sheet/Strip Blow Out Panel Seals
  • Gaskets for Manways, Drain Covers, etc.
  • Filter System Access Door Gaskets
  • Washers and "O" rings Inspection Hatch Seals
  • Damper Seal Expansion Joints
  • Shield Plug Seals