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Pawling Engineered Products

Engineered Elastomeric Technologies for Sealing, Clamping, Actuating

Other Applications

Wine Tank Inflatable Seals

Regardless of industry, Pawling EP is equipped to handle any and all custom sealing needs.

Examples include:

  • Inflatable seals for variable tank lids
  • Smokehouse door inflatable seals
  • Inflatable seals for flood protection
  • Clamps/grippers for automated processes
  • Lighting gaskets

Detailed Market Applications

Inflatable Smokehouse Door Seals
Inflatable Smokehouse Door SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seals
Description: The inflatable seal is mounted on the door to expand radially out and make a smoke-tight seal against the door frame. For houses operating under normal conditions, EPDM rubber is used. For applications requiring extra high temperatures, silicone seals are recommended; and, if there are unusually high concentrations of animal fats, Nitrile rubber is the elastomer of choice (click image to view animation).
Variable Lid Wine Tank Seals
Variable Lid Wine Tank SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: For wineries using variable capacity fermentation tanks, inflatable seals are especially important to ensure airtight lids during the delicate fermentation process. As lids sometimes do not fit exactly, inflatable seals provide for a snug fit, regardless of the height of the lid in the tank. Winemakers can be assured that their wine will reach its fullest potential (click image to view animation).
Inflatable Seals for Flood Protection
Inflatable Seals for Flood ProtectionProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: Pawling Engineered Products inflatable seals are the ideal answer to sealing flood doors, gates, and other floor protection barriers. Since they can be positioned on the barrier to expand outward against the jambs and downward against the sill, the installation can have a flush threshold to prevent tripping hazards. The seals can be rapidly and easily inflated during the urgency of flood preparation measures and they obviate the need for close construction tolerance between the flood barrier and surrounding structure. For complete flood door assemblies, please visit Presray Corporation’s site (click image to view animation).
Large Inflatable Door Seals for Wood Processing
Large Inflatable Door SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: Fabric reinforced EPDM Type 1 profiles meet the demanding requirements of sealing large 10' X 20' sliding doors on the steaming chambers used to prepare logs for plywood processing (click image to view animation).
Access Panel Seals
Access Panel SealsProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Seal
Description: Access panels into textile processing/converting tunnels and other equipment are tightly sealed with Type 1 Pneuma-Seal preventing the escape of hazardous or toxic fumes (click image to view animation).
Inflatable Robotic Clamps
Inflatable Clamps for Robotic EquipmentProduct: Pneuma-Seal
Use: Inflatable Clamps
Description: Pneuma-Seal pneumatic expandable gripping bladders are easily installed on robot hands. Round, rectangular or linear bladders grip flat interior or exterior surfaces. Circular bladders grip cylindrical I.D. or O.D. surfaces. Minimal moving parts mean easy maintenance (click image to view animation).