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Pawling Engineered Products

Engineered Elastomeric Technologies for Sealing, Clamping, Actuating


Co-molded perfluoroelastomer seals

Introducing ePFE - Co-Molded Perfluoroelastomer Seals

Pawling EP has developed a unique, elastomeric technology which combines the benefits of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) with the dynamic properties of more traditional materials. Our custom manufactured seals consist of a chemical and temperature resistant FFKM contact surface co-molded with a more resilient layer made of silicone. O-rings along with other custom cross sections can be made using this technology - with larger profiles and/or diameters preferred.

Why Use ePFE?

  • Co-molded perfluoroelastomer seals can be used in lieu of underperforming seals made of HNBR, fluorosilicone, or FKM thereby reducing costly maintenance shutdowns to replace defective seals.
  • Co-molded perfluoroelastomer seals may be considered in applications where use of fully molded perfluoroelastomer seals (an example being Kalrez® or Chemraz®) are cost prohibitive. Since the FFKM layer comprises a much smaller percentage of the overall seal, larger profiles and/or diameters now make economic sense.
  • Depending on the application, co-molded perfluoroelastomer seals parts can be designed for partial encapsulation which focuses the use of perfluoroelastomer at the contact areas only.
  • Use of a more resilient inner core will allow co-molded perfluoroelastomer seals to more softly compress which is very important on larger sizes. This is especially the case when compared to PTFE encapsulated O-rings.

Click here for a copy of our latest literature on this exciting new product.