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Pawling Engineered Products

Engineered Elastomeric Technologies for Sealing, Clamping, Actuating

Pharmaceutical Inflatable Seals

Pharmaceutical Inflatable Seals

At Pawling EP, we have developed specialty materials and processes designed especially for custom pharmaceutical inflatable seal applications. From low bleed, USP Class VI certified (see CVI series) and FDA-compliant materials, to unique inflatable seal designs, special cleaning procedures, and controlled (white room) manufacturing facilities, we are prepared to handle the unique sealing requirements of the industry. Typical applications include:

  • Inflatable sliding door seals for freeze dryers
  • Inflatable seals for glove box isolators
  • Hatch cover inflatable seals for COP (clean out of place) washers
  • Inflatable seals used in variable lid chromatography columns
  • Fluid bed dryer inflatable seals
  • Inflatable sterilizer seals

What makes us different?

While other manufacturers may tout their pharmaceutical inflatable seal offerings, it usually is limited to only a handful of designs and materials. We have over 70 standard profiles to choose from and have a wide breadth of materials too. Many of these combinations come standard, which reduces set-up charges and speeds delivery. We also have our own machine shop, so if a special valve is needed, we do it ourselves. Ask some of the other guys if they have this capability. And what about quality? We 100% inspect every inflatable seal we manufacture  under our ISO9001-2008 certified quality system and can provide certificates of conformity if you so require.

CVI Certified Materials

Look for the CVI logo. It’s your assurance of unsurpassed product quality and traceability for USP Class VI certified inflatable seals. We have tested our seal materials by using a representative article, which is comprised of the base compound and splicing material. Most other certificates involve only the compound, which is typically one-time tested by the raw material supplier. What’s the difference? By testing the full article, we are confident the entire seal is USP Class VI certified – not just the base compound. CVI means that not only are you getting a high quality USP Class VI inflatable seal, but one that keeps its promises time and again – simplifying compliance and improving your materials and processing integrity.

Contact us today to learn more about this and our other inflatable seal offerings. We have a lot of design details in our Pneuma-Seal product section, which comes in handy when designing your custom inflatable seal.

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