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Self-Retaining Inflatable Seals from Pawling EP

Wed, 10/31/2018 - 14:57 -- craig_busby

Pawling EP is pleased to announce a new product in our line of inflatable seals – the PRS600 self-retaining seal. Offered exclusively through Pawling, the PRS600 features an innovative design that addresses the shortcomings of other retaining solutions like channel flanges and adhesives.

In most applications, inflatable rubber seals need some kind of retaining system to keep them from slipping out of the channel while they’re in use. Coating the base of the seal with an adhesive prior to installation solves this problem. However, the use of an adhesive is prohibited in some applications because the seal must be periodically removed and cleaned. This is especially true in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. An alternative is to modify the channel with a flange or add hardware, like screw pins, to hold the seal in place. But, these can be costly and are not easy to retro-fit.

To combat these problems, we developed a new, patent-pending self-retaining seal. The PRS600 has specially designed “fingers” along the sides of the extrusion to retain the seal without adhesives. During inflation, the fingers push out and grab the sides of the channel to hold the seal in place. With a little elbow grease, it’s easy to manipulate the fingers and release the seal from the channel – in a fraction of the time it would take to remove multiple retaining pins, and at a fraction of the cost compared to post-installation channel modifications.

With its hassle-free removal and re-installation process, PRS600 self-retaining seals are perfect for applications that require sterile conditions, such as:

  • Door seals for pharmaceutical tablet coaters
  • Isolator glove box seals
  • Door seals for large autoclaves

The PRS600 is currently available as part of our Type 10 profile series and is compatible applications using current Type 10 inflatable seal designs. Additionally, the PRS600 costs the same as our other Type 10 products, so you can switch to easy-to-clean, self-retaining seals for minimal cost. Contact Pawling EP today and learn how self-retaining seals can enhance your application.