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Pharmaceutical Inflatable Seals

At Pawling EP, we have developed specialty materials and processes designed especially for pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. From low bleed, USP Class VI certified (see CVI series) and FDA-compliant materials, to unique inflatable seal designs, special cleaning procedures, and controlled (white room) manufacturing facilities, we are prepared to handle the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Inflatable Seals
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Glovebox Isolator Inflatable Door Seals

Glovebox isolation chambers are used in many different processes where maintaining a sterile working environment is critical to the success of the end product. The fact that the seals must work on this equipment is an understatement. Optimal glovebox designs incorporate the use of pharmaceutical inflatable seals along the perimeter of a large plexiglass door, which allows for a high level of visibility and easy access to the chamber when necessary. All you have to do is just deflate the seal and lift the door. No need to unscrew an elaborate flanging system, which a compression seal would require.

Pawling EP’s Pneuma-Seal® line is perfectly suited for glovebox isolator doors. Our Type 1 (footed) or Type 10 (high pressure; low gap) inflatable seal profiles work very well in these rectangular, radial expansion outward applications. These profiles are also available in our new CVI™ series of USP Class VI compounds or in FDA-compliant white (or red) silicone. Contact us today to learn more about this application.

Biomedical Inflatable Seals
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Inflatable Door Seals for Tablet Coaters

Large tablet coating equipment relies on smooth batch-to-batch transfer along with ease of cleaning between runs. Ensuring a productive and high quality process means the seals used on the door openings must be reliable. Use of inflatable seals allows operators access into the machine quickly for swabbing and routine inspection. Pawling EP inflatable seals are the right solution for tablet coating equipment. Used to seal both the cleaning/inspecting access doors and drum entry openings, there are many designs to choose from. Our Type 10X (high pressure; low gap) profiles prove easy to clean and, with a robust cross sectional wall, promote long life. These profiles are readily available in our new CVI™ series of USP Class VI compounds or in FDA-compliant white (or red) silicone. Contact us today to learn more about this application.

CVI LogoLook for the CVI logo. It’s your assurance of unsurpassed product quality and traceability for USP Class VI certified inflatable seals. We have tested our seal materials by using a representative article, which is comprised of the base compound and splicing material. Most other certificates involve only the compound, which is typically tested once by the raw material supplier. What’s the difference? By testing the full article, we are confident the entire seal is USP Class VI certified – not just the base compound. CVI means that not only are you getting a high quality USP Class VI inflatable seal, but one that keeps its promises time and again – simplifying compliance and improving your materials and processing integrity.