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Cepure: Vial Cap Septa

Cepure Vial Cap SeptaUnique Vial Cap Septa

In scientific laboratories, poor quality septa can wreak havoc, causing wasteful re-testing, or worse, misleading results. At Pawling EP, we are working hard to change this.

Our Cepure line of vial cap septa offers new septum materials and unique processes to improve septum sealing integrity and reduce the risk of sample contamination. Examples include the NT line of low bleed silicone autosampler vial cap septa, the NR line of natural rubber aluminum crimp cap vial septa, and the BR line of high performing butyl septa.

What Makes Us Different?

Our experience with and knowledge of different materials gives us an edge. Over the years, we have worked with all types of silicone, organic polymers (e.g. natural rubber and butyl), and different types of plastics too. Our focus is to develop the best possible formulation for the application. We welcome custom inquiries for unique vial cap and injection port septa, especially when the standard parts in the marketplace won't do.

Our Quality Commitment

Cepure Quality Seal

Our CepureSecure logo  is your assurance of unsurpassed vial cap septa and liner sealing integrity.  Cepure’s wide choice of materials (both upper and lower barriers as well as elastomers), thicknesses and durometer measurement offer you the ideal combinations for your various sealing applications.  And our unique adhesive-free bonding process means that septa and cap liners will stay put and provide an environment with no possibility of adhesive contamination.  CepureSecure means a septum that keeps its promises time and again, improving your results and lowering your overall cost of operation.