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Pneuma-Cel: Pneumatic Bladder Clamps

​Pneuma-Cel inflatable clamps are perfectly suited to handle unique and/or difficult clamping applications. Find out how our pneumatic bladder clamps can help you.

Pneuma-Cel SizesWant to stop and hold parts on a conveyor line?

You’ve come to the right place. Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps have been used in hundreds of conveyor stop/brake applications – from holding plastic detergent bottles to stopping intricately machined parts for an assembly operation.

Need to hold irregularly shaped and/or delicate objects?

No problem. Pneuma-Cel bladders are made of compliant yet durable fabric reinforced EPDM rubber and can conform to irregularly shaped objects. They also can be operated under variable pressures (and gaps) to adjust the force applied on delicate parts.

Having trouble with point loads using pneumatic cylinder style clamps?

We have the solution. Our pneumatic bladder clamps provide uniform force distribution across the entire contact area. This is particularly helpful in bonding applications where you want ensure a consistent applied force over the bond line.

Interested in using our pneumatic bladder clamps?

We have six (6) standard Pneuma-Cel sizes. Product details for the bladder and mating retainers are readily available. We even have a proposal form if you need something to submit to purchasing. All of our Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps can be purchased on Amazon too.

Pneuma-Cel Bladders on Amazon

Pneumatic Bladder Clamps
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