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Q Line: Build Your Own Seals and Clamps

Q Inflatable Seals and ClampsBuild your own inflatable seals and clamps with our new online configurator, Q. The tool utilizes 22 of our most popular extruded profiles with high-quality material options and a unique air connector system. Just follow the steps below and we'll send off a quote ASAP - usually within one business day. Our goal is to make the process smooth and fast (from initial design to shipment), yet still have the final product be customized to your exact specifications. Start designing your q inflatable seals and clamps today!

Step 1: Intro

Tell us who you are and where we should send the quote. Also explain the application in some detail, especially if chemicals, temperature, or high pressure differentials are present.

Step 2: Select a Configuration

Select the configuration in which your seal or clamp will be used. At this point, you will need to determine how your inflatable will expand (inward, outward, or axially) and what shape it will be installed. Options include circular, rectangular, straight (for clamps mainly) or U-shaped.

Step 3: Select a Profile, Material, and Provide More Design Details

Once the configuration has been selected, you now can enter more details. Start with what is most important to you. For example, if the inflatable will be subjected to high temperatures (~ 400°F [~200°C]), select silicone so you may review only those profiles which are available in that material. Or if you need a seal to expand at least 1/2" (~12 mm), use the selection bar under recommended gap to filter the list of profiles to only those which can cover a 1/2" gap or greater. There are many ways to filter through the list of profiles, so you can find the right one for your design. Once you have selected a profile, make sure to provide the necessary dimensional info and where the connector will be located, then move to Step 4.

Step 4: Air Connector

Once a design has been selected and details provided, all you need now is to select which air connector would work best for you. Options include a number of flexible hose options or a 1/4" quick connect connector. 

Final Review

After making your selections, you can review your design and add any additional notes which may help us in quoting (and eventually building) your custom product. Click submit and we will take it from here.

Design Your Own Inflatable Seals and ClampsReady to begin? Click the start button to begin the design process for our Q inflatable seals and clamps. For straight forward applications, we anticipate it taking 10-15 minutes to complete your design and submit it for quoting. Our intent is to respond to any quote request within one business day. If you are having trouble designing your Q inflatable seals or clamp, we are always happy to work with you directly. Contact us today if you want to speak with one of our sales engineers.