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Custom Rubber and Plastic Products

Custom Rubber and Plastic ProductsThe heart of our business lies with our custom rubber (and plastic) extrusion processing capabilities. This includes the ability to work with many different material types (from plastic TPVs to Fluoroelastomers) to create completely custom seals, gaskets, tubing, or bumpers. Our in-house design capabilities and willingness to collaborate on low to medium volume applications separates us from the competition. Applications for our rubber seal products include:

  • A fully molded fabric reinforced valve seat used to connect two large pipes together in power plants.
  • Special silicone lighting gaskets which are UL-rated.
  • Unique neoprene plug stock for a food processing application
  • Silicone oven seals
  • Fabric reinforced canopy seals
  • Double bulb door seals for the VAB Assembly building in Cape Canaveral, FL

Contact us today to learn more about how our experience and capabilities can help you with your custom rubber or plastic needs.