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 Pneuma-Seal Standard Profiles

We offer over 80 different designs in 7 different types under the Pneuma-Seal brand - by far the widest range on the market today

 Compression Seal and Gasket Technical InfoQ Standard Profiles

For our Q Inflatable Seal and Clamps configurator, we offer 22 of our more popular designs in which to choose from. Review this list prior to designing your own seal or clamp.

 Rubber Products Standard ProfilesRubber Products Standard Profiles

While most rubber (and plastic) extruded products are custom made, we offer a small number of standard profiles which we are tooled up for and, in some cases, have readily available in inventory. Examples include p-strips, j-seals, centerbulb compression seals, rubber channels, double bulb seals, and d-shaped seals. 

 Cepure Standard SizesCepure Standard Sizes

Cepure autosampler caps and septa are readily available in three main styles - snap caps, screw caps, and crimp caps. Sizes range from 8mm up to 24mm.