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Splice & Notching Options

For extruded compression seals, gaskets, tubing, and bumpers, we offer a number of secondary processes, including butt splicing into one continuous loop, mitre splicing profiles into a 90 degree corner, molding and splicing radiused corners, notching corners, and finally notching and punching to allow for mechanical fastening.

Extrusion Butt SplicingButt Splice

Butt splices are the most common method to finish an extrusion into a gasket or seal. Some materials can be heat welded while others need to be vulcanized. Extruding and butt splicing is usually more cost effective than fully molding a part.

Mitre Cut SplicingMitre Cut & Splice

Applications requiring a picture frame configuration can be spliced using a 45 degree mitre to form the frame.


Molded Radiused CornersMolded Radiused Corners

When function and reliability must be optimized, corners are molded separately then butt spliced into a frame. This process moves the vulcanized splice away from the corner, which makes it stronger. Molded corners can be designed for gentle radii up to a full square.

Notched CornersNotched Corners

Notched corners employ aspects of the mitre splice, but accomplish it without having to fully cut the extrusion. This method works particularly well with P-strip or J-seal design.

Notching and PunchingNotched & Punching for Mechanical Fastening

Whether in-line or as a secondary operation, parts can be notched or punched to allow for mechanical fastening.