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Low Smoke Compounds

Low Smoke Inflatable Seals for Mass TransitIntroducing S60223, a custom formulated gray silicone compound ideal for the mass transit industry, including rail and bus applications. Seals in these demanding environments must resist smoke generation, flame propagation, and toxic fume build up to ensure passenger safety. S60223 has been tested and shown to meet these requirements (see below) while still maintaining excellent sealing performance.

S60223 can be extruded or molded to practically any shape or size. Contact us today to learn more about this and our other inflatable seals and clamps!

Industry Applications

  • Sliding passenger door seals
  • Compressions seals for access panels
  • Lighting and electrical housing gaskets


  • Bombardier Specification SMP800C - Toxic Gas Generation
  • ASTM E1354 - Effective Heat of Combustion
  • ASTM E162 – Surface Flammability of Materials
  • ASTM E662 – Rate of Smoke Generation


Specification Typical Value
Color Gray
Specific Gravity 1.22
Durometer (Shore A) 60
Tensile (psi) 1450
Elongation (%) 500
Tear (Die C) 100