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Pneuma-Cel Product Details

Pneuma-Cel Lbs-Force DataPneuma-Cel bladders are manufactured using high quality EPDM rubber with integrated fabric reinforcement for additional strength. Our newly designed pneumatic bladder clamps have been tested to 1,000,000 cycles (under normal conditions) with a standard operating pressure of 35 psi. Readily available clamp sizes are 6”, 8”, 9”, 12”, 18”, and 24” lengths. An air connector is supplied out one end with a standard ¼” OD polyurethane hose fitting and 1/8-27 NPT connector. Additional connector options include a 6mm OD hose with M8 connector and a ¼” direct connect hose fitting.

Custom sizes are also available from 4-108” long. In fact, you can configure your own custom Pneuma-Cel design using our new Q Design Tool. Just select the Straight configuration, then, in the Part Details, select the Q580 profile and provide other design details. Once we have this info, we will supply you with a quote.

Our new, low profile aluminum retainer allows for ease of installation for both the retainer and bladder clamp. The retainer comes with a hardware kit and pre-drilled holes (standard lengths only), so you can attach it to most T-slot framing systems. Once attached, all you need to do is slide the bladder into place and you’re ready to go.

Profile Details

Q580 Pneuma-Cel
PR36904 Pneuma-Cel
Retainer Profile
Assembly Detail

Available Drawings

Pneuma-Cel Size   Bladder   Retainer
6" (152.4 mm)    PDF DWG STP   PDF DWG STP
8" (203.2 mm)    PDF DWG STP   PDF DWG STP
9" (228.6 mm)    PDF DWG STP   PDF DWG STP
12" (304.8 mm)    PDF DWG STP   PDF DWG STP
18" (457.2 mm)    PDF DWG STP   PDF DWG STP
24" (609.6 mm)    PDF DWG STP   PDF DWG STP

Available Air Connectors  (attached to end of bladder)

ACV1-1-101   ACV1-3-102   ACV1-4-100  
ACV1-1-101   ACV1-3-102   ACV1-4-100  
1/4" OD blue polyurethane hose, 1/8-27 male NPT adapter (supplied loose).   6mm OD green polyurethane air connector, M8X1.0 male adapter (supplied loose).   1/4" Direct Push Connect Adapter.